Our sell conditions


  • WARRANTY: The products only have the manufacturer's warranty, any claim must be sent by mail, the products will be replaced only after assessing our technicians to be defective. In none of the cases may be liable to Evolution-A Competition of the possible damage caused by inappropriate adaptation or misuse of the products. We recall that products are designed to adapt to different vehicles may not be approved for use on roads open to traffic, may cause variations in it that are not allowed by the Ministry of Industry, whether of a sound, aesthetics and so on. Competition parts has no contractual warranty.
  • Prices: the prices indicated on the website are for guidance, subject to possible errors in typography or exchange-Euro Currencies. Prices subject to change without notice due to the modification of our suppliers, changes in transport costs, customs etc. These prices are plus VAT.  
  • ORDER WITH DELIVERY NOTE: for ordering provisions of material stock, material unusual manufacturing or material pending or unusual delivery is mandatory prepayment of at least 50% of the amount for formalization of the order.
  • TRANSPORTATION: potential damage to the goods in transit are the responsibility of the buyer, which is important for the verification of the order in the presence of the carrier, or specify when ordering you desire a safe transportation for possible loss or deterioration.  
  • DELIVERY: Products that are in our stock will have a maximum delivery time of 3 to 8 days, in manufacturing products that require a specific check delivery times, in the manufacture of specific products or to order the period waiting may be delayed several days due to international festivals, closure of airports or transport problems, or by saturation in the elaboration by our supplier.
  • DELIVERY OF GOODS. delivery of goods can be done by hand at our facility or by shipping by transport agency at the address provided to us. The merchandise is the property of Evolution-A Competition to pay 100% of it, not providing any goods until payment total.